Most Frequently Asked Questions

For smaller parcels with a clean title we can literally put a cashiers check and complete the transaction in as few as 3 days.  If we use a title company,  the time is dictated by how long it takes the title company to process the paperwork and the workload they have.  We will do the tasks a buyer must do in quick order.  We have no reason to drag out  a transaction – however, if there is a reason to allow more time for you to finalize your goals we are able to accommodate this also.

We enjoy finding unimproved vacant property that has the potential to be utilized in a variety of ways.  We look for land in rural, sparsely populated areas as well as in residential developments.  We worked hard to locate your property and others similar to yours to see if you would be open to sell.  Your property satisfied several qualities we look for when making a purchase.

Nothing.  Unless noted in the listing, we cover title insurance, recording fees, closing costs, and any back taxes – you receive a Bank Cashiers Check for the amount we offer.

No, we can close anywhere you happen to reside or anywhere you happen to be.

We will pay all back taxes based upon our due diligence and within reason.  The offer we make will include bringing back taxes current.

You choose any location you are comfortable and convenient to complete the transaction. Most of our sellers prefer the convenience our nationwide notary company who will visit you in the comfort of your home, notarize your signature on the paperwork and deliver a cashier’s check directly in your hand.  We can schedule this visit to be during daytime, evenings or weekends and at a place that suits you.

We will review the chain of ownership and determine if or what needs to be done in order for their to establish a clean marketable title.  There may be circumstances beyond our ability to remedy.  It may take some effort on your part and may require legal work in order for you to be able to legally transfer ownership.  We are happy to review and determine how and when we can consummate a proper purchase. Let’s take  a look at your situation.

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